Wilson Beach Volleyball.

From the 2017 season we have a new outstanding beach volleyball partner on board: Wilson. Wilson has always produced beach volleyball for the world's first professional beach volleyball series from the home country of beach volleyball - the AVP in the USA. We are very proud to serve the best ball in the beach volleyball business (OFFICIAL GAME BALL) at our camps.

www.wilson.com | www.avp.com


LemonAid and ChariTea

Beach me has consciously decided to cooperate and there are good reasons for this: Every bottle of LemonAid and ChariTea sold helps people to help themselves. LemonAid supports local projects that contribute to the improvement of social, economic and ecological structures - in parts of the world that are otherwise often disadvantaged in the global economy. A fixed part of the turnover, currently 5 cents per sold bottle, goes to the non-profit LemonAid & ChariTea e.V. And because more and more people now and then quench their thirst "in a fair way", in 2014 alone around 342,000€ were drunk together for social projects. LemonAid supports fair trade. They pay higher prices for the necessary raw materials and thus support a fairer, humane agriculture. With Fairtrade premiums, local farmers can improve their living conditions and implement charitable projects within their communities. The limousines are all Fairtrade certified. But LemonAid does not rely solely on international seals of quality. They want to know exactly where the ingredients come from and what people and stories are behind them. Every year they travel to the growing regions themselves to get to know the farmers and their living and working conditions.

We are pleased to cooperate with LemonAid in order to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainable development of economic and ecological structures in the producing countries. More of it!

www.lemonaid.de | www.charitea.com



das boep Natural Care

Where is beach volleyball the most fun? Of course in the sunshine on the beach! In order to enjoy the camps without sunburn, we always have the boep sun cream with us. the boep is a young natural cosmetics brand from Germany, which was founded by the doctor and mother Michaela and her brother Tilman. When Michaela couldn't find a good smelling, natural skin care for her newborn daughter, she developed her own skin care range for sensitive baby skin. The high-quality care products made in Germany are of course suitable for all ages and are already available in stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The sun cream with mineral filter absorbs quickly, smells soft and does not whiten. It does without microplastics, oxybenzone and chemical filters - this is good for our skin and for the environment! Therefore it is available in our camps and in our online shop.


Ahoi Bullis | Camper rental

Get in, drive off and the holiday begins. It sounds so easy and thanks to our friends from Ahoi Bullis it is. Whether surf trip or family vacation, weekend short trip or Europe round trip, with Ahoi Bullis you get your fully equipped VW bus, if desired even brought to the front door and can start from there relaxed into the vacation. For more information about the holiday on wheels just check out the homepage of Ahoi Bullis. We are looking forward to the cooperation and of course the one or other Bulli-Roadtrip with our mobile Beachvolleyball facilities in the luggage!




MNFKTR | Hanseatic Image Manufactory

The Hanseatische Bildmanufaktur is a genuine Hamburg plant. For years she has been developing photo and film productions as well as image concepts for clients from Germany and Europe. With love for craftsmanship, with Hanseatic understatement and always with the claim to be close to people. Since we share the same passion for good pictures and great stories, we deliberately chose to work together. Since our camp on Sardinia in 2015 our colleagues have been there and provide us with impressions of a special kind.


TEXMEN | Textile Printing

TEXMEN is one of the last remaining screen printing workshops in Hamburg. After a very short time we got along with the team around the managing director Steph Braun 1A. The cooperation is based on a friendly and honest relationship. We are delighted to have found this manufactory in Hamburg and are proud of the projects we have realised so far. If you want high quality screen printing, you've come to the right place.




NALGENE | Drinking Bottles

We do not want to directly support the use of PET bottles, whether disposable or reusable. At our camps we drink a lot of water - so why not just fill it up and do without plastic waste? Nalgene water bottles are also BPA-free, come in many chic colours and are very robust and durable. That fits! You're welcome to drop in.