Kids 'n Youth Beach Volleyball Camp
Germany, Freiburg im Breisgau


Start & end of a week

  • Camp start: 23.08.2020 - Sunday 15:00 with the welcome and setting up tents together.
  • Camp end: 29.08.2020 - Saturday after breakfast

Beach volleyball action in Freiburg - The most important information


    Freiburg is known for its mild climate and many hours of sunshine. It is considered the sunniest city in Germany and therefore offers perfect beach volleyball flair. The city itself is also something special. The beautiful medieval city centre is crossed by small streams and invites you to stroll around.

    Beach volleyball is played on the fields of the Freiburg Gymnastics Team played. The modern facility with 6 fields is located directly at the Dreisam, so that it is always possible to cool down after a strenuous training.


    In Freiburg we find really optimal conditions for our children and youth beach volleyball camp. From Monday to Friday we train twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. In the mornings we work on the technique and the basics in small training groups and in the afternoons we train playfully or organize a small tournament. In addition, there is enough time for free play so that everyone has played enough beach volleyball in the evening.

    The daily program is far from over after the second training session. There is an outdoor swimming pool and a miniature golf course in the immediate vicinity. The campsite is also the perfect starting point for short walks and exploratory tours in the Black Forest. After a long day, we end the day together around the campfire or with parlour games.

    a) Training in the morning
    b) afternoon training
    c) Evening care


    No matter if beginner, intermediate or advanced level - at our camp in Freibug the children and teenagers get exactly what they need in training. We divide them into 4 training groups on site, so that they can train and play exactly at their respective skill level. In the morning we train, while in the afternoon we train and/or have different tournament modes.

    a) Beginner
    (b) Intermediate level
    (c) Advanced


    At the Dreisam we are in the camp with up to 32 participants and 3 supervisors/trainers. The group is deliberately chosen in this size, because we create an optimal environment for training, games, competitions, side events and above all a lot of fun. Suitable for children and teenagers aged 13-17 years.

    up to 32 participants* per week
    up to 3 carers* per week
    Suitable for children and young people aged 13-17 years


    The children and young people spend the night in tents on the nearby Campsite. The tents are set. You only have to bring your own sleeping bag. The campsite is the starting point for all activities during the week. After breakfast, the children and teenagers go to the beach volleyball courts together with their coaches and coaches. The facility is only a few minutes' walk from the campsite and the path leads directly along the Dreisam. The short walk is just the right thing to get your body going in the morning and prepare for training.

    Camping ground Hirzberg
    Tents are provided


    Breakfast is delivered directly to the campsite by the baker. It could not be easier. The children and teenagers get a selection of sandwiches and fresh fruit. For lunch there is either a self-prepared lunch package or all go together to the Hotel of the Freiburg Gymnastics Federation eat. A warm and delicious dinner is then served every day at the Freiburger Turnerschaft Hotel or a nearby restaurant.

    a) Breakfast
    b) Packed lunch or lunch
    c) Dinner


    Arrival and departure is generally organised independently. If the children and teenagers arrive alone by train, a pick up can be arranged if necessary, so that you can travel together by train (valid ticket required) from the station in Freiburg directly to the campsite. For help with planning or questions, please call or mail the Beach me office.



    Apart from the private clothes/equipment we provide everything you need to play beach volleyball. In addition, the children and adolescents are given water for self-bottling training. So that they are well equipped for training, we recommend that you pack the following items:

    Headgear, Sunglasses & Sun Cream, Bathing shorts/tanktop or bikini/sports shirt, towel, water bottle

    You want to register your child for the beach camp in Freiburg?

    1 week beach volleyball camp (10 training units of 90 minutes each - 15 hours of training plus free game and tournaments) with 6 overnight stays (tent is provided) and full board
    ⇒ 550 €

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