COVID-19 | Options & Guidelines 2G

We are all faced with special challenges due to the current situation. In our team, together with our partners and external help, we have developed the options & guidelines 2G, which should allow us to experience unforgettable beach volleyball moments together despite the given circumstances.

Of course, we all hope that the situation will improve soon. At the moment, however, it is more important than ever that we as a group treat each other responsibly and considerately and stick to certain things in our dealings with each other.

At this point it is important for us to emphasise that we only start a camp if your health is not directly endangered by the circumstances. We constantly adapt to the applicable local regulations.

That's why we deliberately chose 2G, as we believe it is currently the only way to offer safe beach volleyball camps. We are looking forward to our time together and are sure that we will make the best of it!

What is 2G?
2G means that only people who are fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 infection are allowed to attend an event or venue.

How does it work with Beach me with the 2G?
At check-in, you will need to provide proof of your vaccination or convalescence.

Which camps will take place in 2022 under 2G conditions?
All camps except:
Portugal spring
Sardinia spring
Chalkidiki spring

We reserve the right, under appropriate conditions, to also Options & Guidelines 2G plus implement.




Your options if Beach me has to cancel a camp:

Especially in times like these, the decision to book a trip is fraught with many question marks and perceived risks. We at Beach me give you the promise that we always communicate honestly and transparently and treat your booking and your concerns as always fair and conscientiously. Should you decide to book a beach volleyball camp with us, we will show you all the options that are legally available to you even in the case of a cancellation by us.

Should we cancel a beach volleyball camp you have booked or should political decisions/restrictions make it impossible to hold a camp you have booked, we will therefore always provide you with the following options:

  • You can get a full refund of the amount of your booking with us (100% refund).
  • You can convert the amount of your booking with us into a voucher
  • You can make a rebooking to an alternative camp from us


Your options if you need to cancel a camp:

With TravelSecure, we have a strong partner at our side who provides you with additional protection when booking our camps and events in times of COVID-19. In addition to travel cancellation and interruption insurance, TravelSecure now also offers a Corona protection policy. Here you are also covered in case of suspected Corona (COVID-19), infection with Corona (COVID-19) and subsequent domestic quarantine. Please check first which trip or event you would like to book with us so that you know directly what costs you will incur, so that you can then calculate your fee for the trip cancellation insurance and the Corona cover. We are happy to help you with this, just contact us via

  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Trip interruption insurance
  • Protection against infection
  • Safeguard for quarantine regulation

Important: If you book via the link TravelSecure we receive a commission from Beach me. If you want to get more detailed information, then the Standard page of Travel-Secure is the clearer option!



Even under 2G conditions, health is of course paramount. Distance, hygiene and mutual consideration are the most important aspects here. We have all been allowed to get used to the different measures for a while. A beach volleyball camp is no exception. Distance rules should be observed, disinfectant is available at several stations and we ask you to bring your own mouth guard. In spite of all the circumstances, we want to have a nice and above all safe camp with you. Please note the information of the Robert Koch Institute

  • Wards with disinfectant
  • Observance of the distance rules
  • Observe RKI information

All beach volleyball players love to stroll from court to court and watch their friends play. At our camps & events in 2022, the beach is equalised as much as possible. Of course, regulations vary from place to place and we are constantly adapting our camps to the currently applicable requirements of the federal states, states or counties. Therefore, details can still change on site. However, your safety always comes first in these plans.

  • Equalization of the beach volleyball court

Of course, you can expect the usual high culinary standard at our camps (all-inclusive, full board or half board, depending on the camp location). Only the schedule may change slightly due to the prevailing hygiene conditions. All meals are taken in smaller separate groups, depending on the circumstances on site.

a) Breakfast buffet
b) Lunch buffet / packed lunch

c) Dinner buffet


When travelling abroad, we also ask you to observe the current information and travel warnings of the respective countries and regions. You can find all the relevant information on the homepage of the Federal Foreign Office. Homepage of the Federal Foreign Office

  • Observe local instructions
  • Take note of information from the Foreign Office



In addition to your private playing clothes, we ask you to pack masks and disinfectant. There will also be disinfection facilities on site. However, everyone is primarily responsible for this. The rest will be as usual. We will provide everything you need to play beach volleyball. In addition, we will provide you with water to fill up yourself for training (in the current situation, there may be differences depending on the location). Please also note our hygiene instructions at our drinking water stations). To ensure that you are well equipped for the training, we recommend that you pack the following items:

  • Mouthguard, disinfectant
  • Headgear, Sunglasses & Sun Cream, Bathing shorts/tanktop or bikini/sports shirt, towel, water bottle

The big party at the end of a camp week or a boisterous evening during a weekend is a highlight and simply belongs to a beach volleyball event. We also want to find ways and possibilities in the current times. Creativity is needed here to organise successful evenings within the framework of the applicable guidelines and regulations. Together with you, we will also master this challenge.