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People and Play

There's a lot going on here! For our P&P camps we have chosen beautiful and big beaches where we build up to 40 fields. The focus of these camps is on lots of games and lots of action.

  • attendee

    up to 350

  • Training (family friendly)

    5x beach volleyball

  • tournaments

    on a daily basis

People 'n Play

Time Out and Training

At our T&T camps, besides a lot of training (two units a day plus extras), a lot of value is placed on holiday feelings. After the training you should relax in a familiar and chilled atmosphere with nice people.

  • attendee

    ~ 30 – 60

  • Training (family friendly)

    10x beach volleyball, 1x theory, 1x athletics, 1x relax

  • tournaments

    Getting to know each other and final tournament

Time Out 'n Training

Kids and Youth

For children and teenagers aged 13-17 years. In addition to two training sessions a day, we offer a wide range of leisure activities. The kids have a lot of fun here and can power themselves out to 100%.

  • attendee

    up to 80

  • workout

    8x Beach Volleyball

  • tournaments

    Getting to know each other and final tournament

Kids 'n Youth


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